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February 9, 2023

What are the safest cities in Florida?


Elyvon Aparicio

What are the safest cities in Florida?

Security is a fundamental issue when looking for a new city in which to live. That is why we ranked the six safest counties in Florida.

The first is Sanibel, a city located on the Gulf Coast in southwestern Florida. It is 63.13% below the national crime rate. It has the second lowest rate of violent crime. Having suffered only two crimes in the last year.

The second is Key Biscayne, one of the best neighborhoods to live in Miami. Especially if you are starting a family. There are many great local restaurants and opportunities for outdoor activities like visiting the lighthouse, biking, and/or playing with your kids at the local park. In this case, the statistics indicate 73.21% below the state rate.

In third place, we have LongBoat Key, whose numbers express 70.34% below the national crime rate. It is a small town located in Manatee and Sarasota counties. It has several public and private beaches that attract new residents and tourists.

Tequesta is in fourth position. A town with more than six thousand inhabitants, located in Palm Beach County. Its main tourist spot is Coral Cove Park, a large park next to a beach. Only two violent crimes were committed last year. In turn, it is 77.48% below the state crime rate.

To the south of the city of Naples, is Marco Island. It has beaches and many tourist centers, creating an urban environment with high security rates. We are talking about an island that is 77.66% below the national crime rate, and 78.48% below the state rate.

Finally, we have Satellite Beach. In the last year, they had three violent offenses and 41 nonviolent ones. It is positioned at 84.70% below the national crime rate.

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